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Halibut grilled on rosemary

Halibut grilled on rosemary

What you need:

  • 1 fresh Halibut 1,5-2kg (let your fishmonger rinse and clean it for you)

  • fresh rosemary

  • butter

  • 3 lemons

  • tomatoes

  • spring onions

  • courgettes

  • new small potatoes

  • parsley

  • lettuce

  • salt & pepper


  • Clean all vegetables

  • Chop the parsley

  • Start heat a pot with salted water ( for potatoes

  • Let the grill preheat to approx 250 degrees

  • Take half a lemon and wipe the cast iron grill rack with it to ensure the fish does not stick

  • Cut slightly open the skin on upper side of the halibut

  • Add lumps of butter on top

  • Season the halibut generous with salt and pepper

  • Place the fresh rosemary sprigs on the grill rack and place the fish on top. Close the grill lid

  • Let grill for 20-30 minutes (keep an eye on the white meat you can see in the slits)

  • After 10 min...

  • -start boiling the potatoes

  • -place tomatoes and halved lemons on the grill rack

  • After 20 min...

  • -pour out the water from pot with potatoes and add to the perfectly cooked potatoes the chopped parsley and plenty of butter

  • -place the lettuce, spring onions and courgettes on the grill rack too

  • After 25-30 min...

  • -carefully remove the halibut and place on a serving tray

  • -squeeze out some grilled lemon on top of the skin

  • -with a spoon take some melted butter and parsley from the pot with potatoes and pour over the halibut

  • -place all remaining vegetables on the tray and serve with the potatoes immediately


Sesame bread sticks with a herb dip

Sesame bread sticks with a herb dip

Prawn crackers with avocado and smoked paprika

Prawn crackers with avocado and smoked paprika