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How to cook an Octopus

it’s easy…



Get from your fishmonger an octopus of approx 2-2.5 kg, cleaned and beek removed (frozen ones are fine too)

  • In a large pot, quickly fry in olive oil, 3 small carrots, 2 onions and 2 garlic cloves

  • Add some peppercorns, a little paprika and 2 bayleaves

  • After 2 min. add 4 dl white wine

  • After 2 min add 3-4 liters of water

  • Bring to a boil

  • Cook the octopus for approx. 60-65 minutes under a lid

  • Check meat is tender with a fork

  • Take up the octopus and let it cool for 10 min.

  • With kitchen paper, wipe away any sticky and excess skin from the tentacles

  • Cut off the tentacles so you end up with 8 pieces (you are only gonna use the tentacles)

  • Put in fridge until ready for use